UX Research

Jesse DiSabato

ART 311-P

Prof. Lantzman


UX Research Assignment

Web design has been an emerging area and field of work amongst today’s society. With the idea of UX design being such an impactful process behind artists and designers, this has influenced a huge role in web design. UX design offers both good and bad characteristics that affect the user’s experience with your product. The right designer qualities could help create a positive user experience. In my opinion, UX design is having the thought of the user’s interaction and emotions throughout the design process of your product.

User experience design in web design is all about the user interaction. With society today, the attractiveness and vibe behind your website plays a key role on how well your product will do. You would want your user to feel positive and welcome, rather than wanting to turn away. “With increasing pressure to create rich user experiences, the interaction designer bears the greatest load and is responsible for conceptual design, which requires exposure to the latest UI patterns and components.” (Psomas) Since the user will be the one on your website, you have to ask yourself what will fit best where? Or do these colors work for user readability? How your website layout is visually placed creates a message about your product or brand. Thinking about the user’s emotions when interacting with the website will further excel your design characteristics.

Every design has pros and cons, the pretty and the ugly, but which characteristics make it the way is? By doing some research and user interactions, you can easily differentiate good and bad characteristics of UX design, specifically in web design. A few good and effective UX design examples are giving the user control, having quality content, or keeping the users attention. “As web-sites provide both static and dynamic content, some aspects of the user interface attract attention more than others do.” (Friedman) Like most people in our world today, the first few seconds I am on website determines if I will stay on it or not. Creating an environment for the person to interact in a user-friendly way, with an enjoyable manner will make your web design much more effective. One author puts this all in a fairly simple understanding, “If a web-site isn’t able to meet users’ expectations, then designer failed to get his job done properly and the company loses money.” (Friedman) With that being said, going into bad characteristics or UX design. One of the worst characteristics you would not want as a designer is the inability to test and research your product, such as not interacting with users. As I mentioned before, the structure of your website plays a key in a successful user interaction. “Structure your content with relevant headings, sub-headings, line breaks, and font management including size and type.” (Georgiou) Having a poorly designed layout will turn your user away from the friendliness, which then causes a negative reaction.

Every minute a new domain is created somewhere in the world hosting products, services, portfolios, entertainment, etc. With the user being the base behind the interaction of your product, UX design has played a huge impactful role in the area of web design. Behind each design, there is a process, and having the thought of your user along with your passion will make that more effective. “They not only have a passion for innovation and technology but also in creating passionate users. People with passion look for ways to make things happen.” (Chen) How can you make your user interaction the best experience through successful UX design?


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