Interactivity and Engagement Research

Jesse DiSabato

ART 311-P

Prof. Lantzman


Interactivity and Engagement Research Assignment

Interactivity and engagement has played a big role with web design, especially with connecting the user and attracting more users as well. With no interaction on your website, there is no place for a user to navigate, usually leading them to leave the page. Our attention spans are fairly short, so keeping the user engaged as well will produce a more effective site. Having the user and site interacting not only creates interest, but also keeps the user engaged. This shows how interactivity and engagement both relate to each other and benefit the experience the user has on the website.

Interactivity relates to engagement because this is how we keep the user from straying away from a boring site. “A website is the best medium to communicate with users from all over the world. It is therefore essential, it should be designed in such a way that users should be attracted and be engaged on the site.” (Poonam) Being a designer, you have to think about your user being unintelligent, leading them around your site. This means that you can incorporate images, videos, or something that engages the user with your site. “Instagram exploded for a reason: people love pictures. The photo-sharing site that skyrocketed into the social media sphere has redefined the way people share with one another online.” (Ganot) If you want your website to become successful, you need to create engagement. No one would want to read straight words and sentences, rather than to look at an interesting picture.

The benefit of user engagement is to keep users on your site and as well as attracting new users. As stated prior, we have short attention spans, so being engaged will help you gain the most interaction of users on your site. By tracking the user that come and go on your site, this can help your site adapt to specific demographics and geographics. You learn your users behavior, which in turn becomes more predictable. “To understand and make the most of these touchpoints, marketers need to utilize the right data and the right automation solutions, as mentioned above. Doing so will ensure that marketers can engage customers at these moments, delivering the right content in the right context.” (Ganot) The benefit is that your site will be more efficient and successful. Establishing a connection with your user will help greatly with the success of your site as well. In terms of a website selling a product or service, “Creating a meaningful connection should be a main purpose of your site so your visitors remember you and return to buy your goods or services.” (Angel) The more a user or customer comes back to your site, there is a greater chance of them spreading the information towards their friends or family. People tend to stay with certain brands depending on the emotional connection with them, so creating an interactive site that engages the user emotionally would be the prize purpose of the design of the website.

Interactivity and engagement not only relates to one another drastically, they also play a huge role in having a great website. With having the user interact with the website, this creates engagement. In turn, if done successfully, will lead the user around your site to sell, convince, or just inform about your goods or service. “Many successful websites have one main secret ingredient, not every designer is aware about. That element is website interactivity.” (Poonam)

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