Gallery & Plugins Research


Jesse DiSabato

ART 311-P

Prof. Lantzman


Gallery & Plugins Research

Plugins are helpful areas of code that could make your website much more interactive and exciting. There are plugins for almost everything and in which a lot of themes come with plugins already installed. Plugins for galleries show off your work and different ways, which make some better than others. The three plugins I am going to explore and discuss are Portfolio, MetaSlider, and Gallery. Each all have their own pros and cons and I will figure out which will work best.

First going into a plugin called Portfolio. This is a plugin that is used for showing off your portfolio with images and video as well as specialized features. Some of the specs include fully responsive, multiple views, Youtube and Vimeo support, and unlimited images. You can upgrade to a pro version for a slight fee with more customizable features. This is compatible with the newest WordPress 4.6.1 as it was last updated 2 week ago. The support is very fair as 17 or 18 support threads have been resolved in the last two months. Along with good support the reviews are pretty good with a 4.5 star rating from 267 people. Out of that 267, 236 of those were 5 stars. There are a great majority of good reviews with little bad. Overall this plugin looks successful while having good support.

The next plugin I would like to look at is called Metaslider. This is used to create responsive slideshows on your website. This would be good in cases of artists with descriptions below their work. It has a very simple and easy to use interface which makes it an easy choice for new site builders. This plugin is also free and it has over 700,000 active installs. The last update time was 2 months ago, which seems a little long however their ratings and users and high. This plugin is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from 347 people. This consistently has many 5 star ratings, which is a big advantage when looking for plugins. It is compatible with WordPress 4.6.1 as the latest update. The support thread is not good on this with only 8 or 42 support threads marked as resolved. That is not a good look for your plugin and shows bad customer support.

The last one I would like to look at is Gallery. A gallery plugin called gallery, seems like pretty good marketing. While being free it offers a pro version just like the first plugin I had explored. This plugin includes a rating button, fully responsive, various views, and unlimited images. Like the past two, this is keep up to date and compatible with WordPress 4.6.1 and updated a very close 3 days ago. The ratings seem fairly well with 4.3 out of 5 stars. The support is a lot better than the last at 12 of 14 threads answered. I believe support is a big role in a plugin because it shows the dedication and consistency the developers have with the plugin.

After looking at all three, each have their pros and cons with the way it works on the website. The MetaSlider interface is very user friendly, however had bad customer support. The Gallery plugin does not offer Youtube &Vimeo support with the free version, while Portfolio does. With having good ratings, support, active downloads, and customizable features, Portfolio seems like the best plugin for my website. I do like the many varieties of options along with a plugin being kept up to date which are some of the reasons I believe this is the best option.



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